Whether you need a quick & easy template, a fully customized website, or a strategic plan to move your business forward, we've got you covered. Our carefully crafted options are designed to help you find an effortless and hassle-free path toward achieving your business goals.  

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Website Design + CONSULTING Services

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*The first step is to complete the inquiry form & then jump on a quick call. Together we will design a package that fits your specific needs & goals.





A strong brand strategy is crucial for your businesses success. We will work together to either launch your brand new business or find the opportunities to streamline and grow your existing business. Working together, we will establish an authentic and powerful brand to serve as your north star in the continued growth and expansion of your business.

Strategic Brand Consulting


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*The first step is to complete the inquiry form & then jump on a quick call.  Together we will design a package that fits your specific needs & goals.

starting at $2500


4 - 6 weeks


When the DIY templates no longer fit your needs, a custom website design can provide a distinctive look and feel while also offering additional features and functionality. This option is ideal for established businesses that want a tailored online presence that solidifies their reputation as a top-tier choice within the industry.

Custom Website Design


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$1000 USD


1 - 2 weeks


A template customization package is the fastest and easiest way to get an impressive website up and running so you can start booking premium clients. After you purchase one of our templates, we'll gather the necessary brand assets from you and we'll get to work on delivering a professional, polished, and customized website template.

Template Customization


*The first step is to complete the inquiry form & then jump on a quick call. We'll discuss the preparation steps needed and then plan the best launch date for your new site.

~ Lisa Eckerle  |  The Designer Organizer

"As a female business owner, I used to be so proud that I designed and created my own website. While that worked for a while, entrusting my new brand and online presence to Stephanie was the best decision. Her design skills and expertise have elevated my brand reputation and credibility, along with contributing to the online growth of my business."

~ Karen Skinner

"I was so excited to have Stephanie take my amateur website and transform it into a professional platform. Her expertise with design is amazing. She creates a masterpiece that you can be proud of. "

~ Geraldine Franco

"I got two new clients back-to-back! Before working with Stephanie I had no idea how to create copy that spoke to my ideal client."​

Kind Words

The website templates and design services will work for anyone with a service based business.  Although they are catered to interior designers, architects, and organizers, they can work just as well for coaches, consultants, influencers and more!

I'm Not an interior Designer - will these websites still work for me?

Showit provides an embed code feature that allows you to integrate with most third-party platforms.  You can also easily link to external pages as needed like Flodesk, Calendly, Dubsado, Houzz, Shopify, ThriveCart, LTK, etc. 

Will Showit Integrate with my Email/CRM/Etc.?

Absolutely.  Showit is the most intuitive, drag-and-drop website builder.  The interface is simple and easy to use but still very powerful.  I provide editing tutorials, guidebooks, and email support for all website templates and services.  Showit handles the tech behind-the-scenes with super quick turnarounds and helpful resources as well.

I'm not tech savvy - Will I be able to edit my website myself & do you offer support?

You'll first need your domain and a Showit account (get one month free HERE).   The rest depends on the service you book with us, but in most cases you'll need to provide your website copy, photos, and logo.  Your brand colors and fonts will also need to be determined.  If you choose to work with any custom fonts, you'll need to purchase the license and upload the font to your Showit library.

What else will I need to get my website launched?

Showit is the best - hands down.  I've designed websites on all of the major platforms and nothing compares to the ease of use and design freedom of Showit.  And the cost is comparable or lower in most cases.  You also get a WordPress blog with your Showit website so you can still take advantage of the best SEO powerhouse without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

Is showit better than wordpress, squarespace, or wix?

That's ok!  You'll need to first sign up for Showit (get one month free HERE). Then your site can be designed on a temporary domain until it's ready to launch.  At that time, the Showit support team will help you connect your domain and setup a blog if needed.

What if I don't currently use showit?

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It's time to upgrade your business to reflect the high-quality and unique work that you offer. By investing in a professional and strategic brand, you can streamline your business with the clarity & confidence you need to stand out from the crowd and elevate your results.

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